The Inner Circle: Dallas Episode 201/202: “Get Your Friend Together!”

Move over, The Real Housewives of DallasThe Inner Circle: Dallas are ready to prove that the “D” in Dallas stands for DRAMA! For those who don’t know, creator Zachariyah O’Neal birthed The Inner Circle in 2014 with The Inner Circle: Houston. With the success of the first season, O’Neal turned The Inner Circle into a franchise with #InnerCircleDAL. Later, after two seasons of #InnerCircleHOU and a great first season of Dallas, he decided to combine both casts to create The Inner Circle: Texas.

Recently, O’Neal renewed #InnerCircleDAL for a second season that continues to follow the lives of a group in Dallas as they deal with life, love, and a whole lot of drama! Returning for season two of Dallas is original cast members Edgar Garcia, Khristina Calloway, and Darius Hunter along with Candice McKoy, one of rookie new cast members on #InnerCircleTX. New to this season of Dallas are Mikey Alexander and Houston’s very own LaTrice “Mama Trice” Bess. The first two episodes of season two were recently released and it is pure reality TV gold!

In the season premiere(titled “Out With The Old”), the group reunites to vote out someone out and the drama heats up at Darius’ birthday brunch. Later, in episode two(titled “La Bella Mafia”), Darius loses his cool at his birthday brunch, Mama Trice receives some long awaited news, and Khristina lets Mikey know the rules of the group. I titled this post “Get Your Friend Together” because one of the cast members says this in one of the season two episodes and to find out whom, check out the first two episodes of The Inner Circle: Dallas below.

WOW—the drama is definitely going to be on 100 this season! First of all, it was good seeing Chris since was in both seasons of #InnerCircleHOU but it looks like he’s still on the outs with most of the cast after #InnerCircleTX. As for Edgar, I’m glad he’s been trying to move forward after he became one of the main focuses on Texas. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to create even more problems between him & Darius and even create new problems with Darius & Mikey. While I appreciate Mikey for sticking up for Edgar, I think the timing and place was off since it was Darius’ birthday brunch. On the bright side, these two episodes prove that Mikey is going to fit in with this group VERY well with the rest of these outspoken folks.

I’m very glad that Khristina & Edgar are moving past their issues but now I’m sensing new rivalries forming between her and Mikey & Candice. Last but not least, I am so glad Mama Trice is part of this season because she was a great mother figure to the Houston cast and now she can give that to the Dallas cast. I’m so glad her divorce is moving on and I hope we get to see her divorce party on the show if she decides to do it! While these first two episodes were very juicy, the rest of the season looks to be even more crazy with Darius & Candice arguing more than once, Khristina & Mikey yelling at eachother, and even Darius getting into it with Edgar & Mikey once again—all of which can be seen in the trailer for season two of The Inner Circle: Dallas below.

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One thought on “The Inner Circle: Dallas Episode 201/202: “Get Your Friend Together!”

  1. I love your review of the webseries, you give enough info but not too much so you won’t give it away. I watched the videos you posted on here, they’re interesting but I’m so confused so I’ll have to watch season one.h

    P.S. It would help if you put a link to their YouTube channel so people who view this post can check out their past and present videos as well as their social media channels. 🙂

    Keep up the good work !! 😀


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