The Inner Circle: Dallas Episode 203/204: “Meet Ups & Divorce Parties From Hell”

The drama is just heating up in the big D with another episode of Zachariyah O’Neal’s reality web series, The Inner Circle: Dallas! Previously, #InnerCircleDAL returned for a second season with original cast members Darius Hunter, Khristina Calloway, and Edgar Garcia continuing to showcase their lives in Dallas as they deal with love, life, and everything in between. Joining the original three cast members for Dallas’ second season are The Inner Circle: Texas newbie Candice McKoy, Mikey Alexander, and The Inner Circle: Houston’s LaTrice “Mama Trice” Bess.

In the first two episodes, Edgar, Khristina, Darius, and Candice got together to vote out #InnerCircleTX’s Christopher Coleman due to the majority of them not getting along with him and right after, Darius held a brunch for his birthday. While on the way to the birthday brunch, Edgar brought along his friend, Mikey, and filled him in on the drama that happened during Texas when the spotlight was on Edgar & his drinking. At the brunch, Mikey rubbed Darius the wrong way and the tension was very apparent among the rest of the group.

Later on, the s*** hit the fan when Mikey & Darius got into an argument over Edgar and the two got into a little scuffle. Mama Trice and Edgar calmed the situation down and Darius ended up kicking out both Edgar & Mikey. The next day, Candice, who wasn’t at the brunch, took a drive with Darius and he filled her in on the drama. Next, Mama Trice finally received her divorce papers and while on the phone with #InnerCircleTX’s Toya, she planned a divorce party. In the end, Khristina had a conversation with Mikey to figure out why he had a problem with Darius despite JUST meeting the cast for the first time. Can you say DRAAAMMMAAA?!!!


In episode 303(titled “Dallas Puppet Master”), Mikey and Darius have a conversation, Khristina and Candice discuss the status of their friendship, and Mama Trice confronts Darius about his part of voting out Zachary during #InnerCircleTX. Uh oh—I knew it was coming! I’m sure Mama Trice was waiting until the right moment to question Darius and eventually Candice about the whole “Lets vote out Zachary” fiasco. On another note, I commend Darius for reaching out to Mikey to talk about their altercation at the birthday brunch and it seems like they can come to some sort of resolution.

In episode 304(titled “Dinner and Tea”), Darius and Edgar meet to talk about rumors that have been going on and Mama Trice invites the group to her divorce party. Uh oh! This episode is pretty much going to be the start of Darius’ feud with Candice that will most likely stay throughout the rest of the season. Also, Mama Trice is definitely a firecracker and I know she isn’t going to let neither Candice nor Darius off THIS easy. To find out why I titled this post “Meet Ups & Divorce Parties From Hell,” watch the next two episodes of The Inner Circle: Dallas below.

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