The Inner Circle: Dallas Episode 205: “Are We There Yet?”

After the last episode of Zachariyah ProductionsThe Inner Circle: Dallas ended with the divorce party from hell, there’s only one question that needs to be asked: CAN’T EVERYBODY JUST GET ALONG? Surprisingly, the cast of #InnerCircleDAL can somewhat get along when five of them take a little road trip in the shows next episode. I know this most likely comes as a shock since in the previous episode, the group came together for LaTrice “Mama Trice” Bess’ divorce party minus Edgar Garcia and things got intense! Mama Trice took Candice McKoy to task for trying to get show creator Zachariyah O’Neal off the show during The Inner Circle: Texas and Mama was NOT happy. However, the ish really hit the fan when Candice accuses Darius Hunter of throwing her under the bus with the idea to kick Zachariyah off but Darius says it was initially Candice’s idea.

Just before the madness at the divorce party began, Mikey Alexander came up with the idea for the group to go to SXSW in Austin, TX and all were up for going including Khristina Calloway. Could this be the road trip from hell or the road trip to end all of the beef? In episode 205(titled “Fifth Disharmony”), the drama from the dinner party continues and the group, minus Mama Trice, takes a trip to SXSW. I titled this post “Are We There Yet?” because a certain cast member says this and to find out who, watch episode 205 of The Inner Circle: Dallas below.

I have to admit that I am SO happy to see the majority of the cast getting along for the most part. It was so nice seeing both Khristina & Edgar laughing and smiling instead of going at it 24/7. I SERIOUSLY hope this demeanor between them lasts but with this crew, things can instantly change. Unfortunately, it seems like things aren’t going to stay nice for the whole ride down to Austin because I have a feeling Candice is about go OFF on Darius and it will not be pretty. Hopefully these two can let bygones be bygones by the end of the season to salvage their friendship. Besides the drama, I loved seeing the group grill Mikey since he is the new cast member but he definitely seemed fearless answering any questions they asked, i.e. Candice’s X-RATED question!

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