The Inner Circle: Dallas Episode 206: “You’re A Fake Ass Friend!”

So far, season two of Zachariyah ProductionsThe Inner Circle: Dallas has provided viewers with way more intense drama and there have only been five episodes! Despite the craziness that’s occurred, Mikey Alexander invited everyone to take a little road trip to Austin for SXSW and he hoped that it would somewhat bring everyone together after LaTrice “Mama Trice” Bess’ disastrous divorce party. Sans Mama Trice, the cast was ready to enjoy their time together in Austin. Unfortunately, Candice McKoy was still very upset with Darius Hunter over the whole fiasco of who really came up with the idea to kick ass Zachariyah O’Neal, the creator, during The Inner Circle: Texas and wasn’t sure if she could not hold her tongue for the duration of the trip.

Surprisingly, the cast was pretty much cordial for the first hour or two and even mortal enemies Edgar Garcia & Khristina Calloway got along as they laughed & even cracked a few harmless jokes at each other. The cast even questioned Mikey as some sort of initiation into the group and he passed with flying colors since he answered confidently. However, things went sour when Candice called out Darius and the two started to go at it with Mikey in the middle. #YouShouldveSatInTheFrontMikey

In episode 206(titled “Nothing Lasts Forever”), the trip to Austin comes to an end but the drama continues as they return to Dallas when Edgar and Candice compare notes on Mikey & Darius. Later, Mikey realizes that Edgar may not have been truthful. I decided to title this post “You’re A Fake Ass Friend” because a certain character says this in the episode and to find out who, watch episode 206 of The Inner Circle: Dallas below.

Wow—this episode started off where the last one ended and Candice was PISSED! She had her finger in Darius’ face and everything, oh my! I had no idea that she was such a firecracker because she was ready to go IN even more on Darius if Mikey, Edgar, and Khristina didn’t try to calm the situation down. Fortunately, this moment didn’t ruin the trip to Austin and the cast seemed like they had a good time in Austin. I even wish I was there to dance and drink right there with them! Back in Dallas, it looks like there’s even more drama to come because there might be some beef between Mikey & Edgar and maybe even Mikey & Candice?! Uh oh—I cant wait until next week!

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