“You Left Me Fi A Drink?”: Three Reasons Why Dear Jesus Was One Of The Best Web Series Ever

When a renowned sitcom suddenly ends, fans of the show are obviously disappointed and hope the program can return in the near future. The same reaction takes place when a praised web series unexpectedly ends its run and one of those web series is the critically acclaimed Dear Jesus. For those who don’t know, Dear Jesus is Danielle Scott-Haughton’s award winning web series centered around a young fashion journalist, Mercedes(Linda Adey), whose life falls apart and writes prayers to Jesus on her laptop to make sense of it all. The series managed to even spawn a spin-off, The Alexis Show, about the life of Mercedes’ sister Alexis(Samantha Earle). However, after four seasons of #DJS and two of The Alexis Show, Scott-Haughton decided to end both shows.

Despite the instant heartache that fans of the show experienced, Scott-Haughton’s decision to end the show was one that we all understood. Mostly all web series are funded through the creator and sometimes even the creators are unsuccessful in raising more funds(crowdfunding, kickstarter, sponsors) for their projects while also managing to pay their own bills & livelihood. On her official website, Scott-Haughton asked why “a series that has starred 63 actors, spanned 6 seasons, comprising of 42 episodes” would “fail to garner mainstream attention?” In a post titled “Dear Jesus & The End of a Chapter”, she says “For four years now, I’ve been unsuccessful in attracting sponsors, other than contributions from Dean Russell and Tilsa Wright, therefore I have paid for everything. While the costs have been minimal in the grand scheme of productions, when you’re a waitress anything you spend making a web series is too much. I tried Crowd Funding- we raised £75. It was demoralizing, this hinterland between where I was and where I wanted to be. This place where people were telling me they loved the show but wouldn’t give me the money to produce it, but asked me every day when a new series was coming out.” So, in honor of Scott-Haughton and the show, I have come up with three solid reasons why Dear Jesus was one of the best web series ever!

1. DJS Had GREAT Drama: From Mercedes’ beef with Jade(Nansi Nsue) to Alexis’ rocky start with both Rochelle(Leonie Haynes Moses) & Nathaniel(Jamie Charles), Dear Jesus had its fair share of drama that kept viewers invested. I’m sure I was not the only one who wanted Mercedes to tell Jade off from the gecko! While the drama in the first two seasons focused mostly on Mercedes’ love life and even Alexis’ problems with EVERYBODY, the latter seasons increased the drama. Season three showed Rochelle’s abusive relationship with Wale(Kayode Akinyemi) and Alexis’ intense marriage to Jonathan(Courtney Winston) while season four provided viewers with heartbreaking scenes of Alexis’ step daughter being taken away from her and Mercedes’ son being kidnapped by Jade.

2. DJS Had Great Comedy: Personally, Dear Jesus was equally as dramatic as it was funny and I believe all the comedic moments came from Alexis, Keisha(Pauline Mujinga), Nathaniel(Jamie Charles), Robert(Jermaine Harris), and Mercedes & Alexis’ mother, Yolanda(Angela Waters). For the most part, Keisha, Nathaniel, and Robert are comic relief in between all of the drama that goes in with the other cast members. Equipped with a sassy attitude and even sassier comebacks, Keisha always knew the right words to say to make viewers laugh until they couldn’t anymore. Both Nathaniel & Robert were basically clowns who just looked for any possible moment to cause some sort of harmless trouble, such as Nathaniel smacking Alexis’ butt. However, these three characters had more serious storylines in the fourth and final season when Robert realized his true feelings for Holly(Ruby Padwick), Nathaniel started dating Rochelle, and Keisha revealed Jade & Stephen’s(Michael Fatogun) devious plans.

Yolanda provided a great amount of comedic relief due to her attitude and Jamaican accent. To be completely honest, I laughed every time Yolanda yelled and her accent became even more apparent with the rise of her tone. Out of her many witty lines, I loved when she saw her estranged husband and said “You left mi fi a drink?” As for Alexis, there are no extra words needed to convince any viewer why she provided comedy to Dear Jesus. Like Yolanda, Alexis was not afraid to speak her mind and she even carried a hammer to make her point. However, viewers got to see a different side of Alexis when she showed a much softer side during season two of The Alexis Show.

Capture.PNG 2

3. Mercedes Was A GREAT Main Character: As a proud fan of Dear Jesus, I was obviously shocked and saddened by the news that the web series was over. For four years, I looked forward to seeing the continuing trials and tribulations of Mercedes. She went through a tremendous growth over the course of the show—from starting out somewhat on the bottom with losing both her job and boyfriend in the pilot episode to entering the fourth & final season with a baby! Mercedes was a character that represented a lot of women and even some men in the sense that she questioned every move she made through her prayers to Jesus. She questioned her choices in friendship and, most of all, in love. She always wondered whether she was making the right decision but, like most of us, went with her gut in the very end.

In all, Danielle Scott-Haughton created a legacy with Dear Jesus. She created a web series that will continue to make viewers smile, laugh, and even cry. She created something that will forever be seen as a fantastic web series with great storylines and actors. Even though this might really be the end of Dear Jesus, I look forward to what’s coming NEXT from Ms. Scott-Haughton. But for now, thank you, Danielle! Thank you for giving me & all viewers a great show that gave us nothing but joy(besides the tears). If you haven’t had the chance of watching Dear Jesus, check out all four seasons HERE.

Photo Credit: Danielle Scott-Haughton/DearJesusTV(YouTube)/Facebook(Dear Jesus)


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