The Inner Circle: Dallas Episode 207/208: “Rookies versus Veterans…and Rookies?!”

Could there be any more drama in store for the cast members in season two of Zachariyah ProductionsThe Inner Circle: Dallas? Unfortunately, or fortunately for us viewers, there’s much more to come from the Dallas crew! In the previous episode, Mikey Alexander’s road trip to Austin for SXSW started off great but took a left turn when Candice McKoy & Darius Hunter got into a huge argument. On a brighter note, Khristina Calloway & Edgar Garcia were getting along while sitting in the front seat and both even laughed about how they weren’t the two fighting. As a fan of the show, I was pleasantly surprised to see these two get along but I hope it continues. However, I’m not sure there’s going to be any sort of reconciliation between Candice & Darius since I foresee this issue getting bigger.

When the crew got back in Dallas, Darius informed Mikey about Edgar’s confusion over why the two got into it during the first episode and Mikey was not happy about this. At the same time this is happening, Candice shows Edgar a picture of both Mikey & Darius hanging out and Edgar isn’t pleased as well. Wait—aren’t Mikey & Edgar were good friends? Damn, does drama follow this group around or what?!


In episodes 207(titled “Drama Becomes Her”), Khristina informs LaTrice “Mama Trice” Bess about the Austin trip and Candice gets confronted by several cast members about her trouble making. Later, in episode 208(titled “The Brawl On Belt Line”), Khristina brings the group together for a volleyball game, Mikey confronts Khristina about comments she made, and the tension of the group comes to head. I titled this post “Rookies versus Veterans…And Rookies?!” because two rookies go at it with each other and some of the veterans. To find out which two rookies I’m hinting at, check out episodes 207 & 208 of The Inner Circle: Dallas below!

I think it’s pretty big of Zachariyah O’Neal & Darius to squash the beef and start fresh after the whole “let’s vote Zachariyah out” fiasco during The Inner Circle: Texas. Good job, guys! Besides that, it looks like episode 207 was pretty much Candice vs. most of the cast! With this, I’m pretty sure Candice is going to come into the reunion guns blazing since she was the center of the drama within this episode. The atmosphere got a bit more positive during the volleyball game when Khristina chose Edgar & Darius to be on her team against Mikey, Candice, and Mama Trice despite the rookies beating the veterans. Come on, vets! You three were supposed to hold it down! However, I could not believe how crazy things got between Mikey, Edgar, Candice, and Darius!

Although Darius was wrong for making a remark about Edgar’s sobriety since it was out of context, I do think things got even more intense when he tried to apologize and Mikey interjected. Even though the physical altercation wasn’t necessarily shown, it’s pretty evident that SOMETHING happened between Mikey & Edgar and Mikey was at his last straw so he decided to call the police. I have to admit that once the police were called, the situation turned very dark for me and even Khristina questioned Mikey about calling the police. I sincerely wish things had turned out different. Would things be different if Mikey had let Darius talk to Edgar? Would things be different if Darius just left the two alone and apologized the next day? The answer is obviously unknown but I look forward to finding out how all things turn out in the season finale of The Inner Circle: Dallas on July 29th at 6 P.M.

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