The Inner Circle: Dallas Episode 209/210: “I’ll Let You Speak”[Season Finale/Reunion]

Season two of Zachariyah ProductionsThe Inner Circle: Dallas has provided more drama than expected with funny moments, intense arguments, and an incredible amount of shade that could possibly put the Love & Hip Hop cast to shame! Returning cast members Khristina Calloway, Edgar Garcia, Darius Hunter, and Candice McKoy began the season ready to leave the drama with The Inner Circle: Texas firecracker Christopher Coleman behind by voting him out of the group. Despite hoping for more positivity among the group, the drama first began at Darius’ birthday brunch when newbie Mikey Alexander had some choice words for the birthday boy in defense of Edgar. However, things got so turnt up that both Edgar and The Inner Circle: Houston’s LaTrice “Mama Trice” Bess had to diffuse the situation.

Capture.PNG 2

Over the next few episodes, the drama continued at Mama Trice’s divorce party when she took both Candice & Darius to task over their plot to get creator Zachariyah O’Neal off the show during #InnerCircleTX. While Darius insists that it was Candice who initiated the idea, Candice says that they both came up with the idea together and THUS begins their feud. Hoping to bring some fun and positivity to the group, Mikey invites everyone to road trip to SXSW in Austin. Despite an argument between Darius & Candice, the trip proved to be great as most the cast got along. Surprisingly, after their season long feud during season one of #InnerCircleDAL and even a little on Texas, both Khristina & Edgar laughed & smiled while sitting in the front seat of the car on the way to Austin.

Back in Dallas, things continued to get worse when Candice showed Edgar a picture of Darius & Mikey hanging out, which didn’t make Edgar too happy. The two go head to head while hanging out with Mama Trice & Khristina and Candice eventually walks off. In another attempt to bring some harmony, Khristina gets the whole cast together for a volleyball game that unfortunately ends up in flames. Before entering the gym to start the game, Mikey confronts Khristina about comments she’s made at him and the two come to a resolution. After the game, Darius and Edgar get into an argument that turns WAY left when Mikey interjects and gets pushed by Darius. Unhappy with the fact that he’s been in two altercations with Darius that have gotten physical, Mikey decides to call the police on Darius. Woah—I did not expect things to get to this level between both of them!


In the season finale(titled “The Final Lesson”), Darius faces legal trouble, Khristina and Mikey get into an altercation, and Candice becomes close with Mikey. During Part One of the two part season two reunion, Darius clashes with Mikey, Candice, and Edgar while Khristina & Candice go head to head and the group discusses who really started the plot to throw Zachariyah off the show during #InnerCircleTX. While the season finale was interesting, part one of the reunion is INSANE because this cast just loves to argue with one another. I titled this post “I’ll Let You Speak” because a certain cast member says this and to find out whom, watch both the season finale & part one of the reunion below.

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