Love, Scandal, & Drama: Tough Love Season One Recap

In late 2015, a new and interesting web series premiered and quickly made an impact. Directed by Caleb Davis & written by Roni Simpson, Tough Love follows the lives of “six millennials living in New York City, all have differing ideals and desires when it comes to life and love. The show centers on their dating encounters, the debates they have among each other, and their day-to-day struggles.”

At the beginning of the season, Quincy(Jordan Barton) & Alicia(Ebony Obsidian) are seen as “that couple” who everyone believes are PERFECT for each other. In the first episode, they tell the rest of the crew that they plan to move to Atlanta due to financial problems from their concierge business, Big Apple, not doing as well as it used to. Throughout the season, their roster of clients start to diminish and it puts a strain on their relationship.

Right off the bat, Jordan(Verina Banks) makes it very clear that she is a SINGLE woman who is “educated, successful, and 100% dedicated to her career.” On top of that, she is very outspoken and will not hold her tongue for anybody including her friends! However, Jordan’s tough exterior softened when she started dating Keith(Eric J. Tidwell). There was clear chemistry between the two and despite Jordan’s attempts to push Keith away, she continued dating him.


With his two life missions to “work harder than anyone he knows so that he can become a major powerhouse in his industry” and “hook up with almost every woman in New York City,” it was clear that Jackson(Bradley Clarke) was very anti-relationship. Throughout the first three episodes, Jackson slept with multiple women and was very upfront with telling them that there was no chance of relationship between them. In episode four, Jackson’s “ruthless bachelor” reputation came with some consequences when realized that he’d been with his boss’ wife. Despite Jackson trying to end things, Eva(Sasha K. Jackson) blackmails him to continually sleep with her whenever she wants or she’ll tell his boss.

Darius(Devin Coleman) & Monica(Natalie Jacobs) are the “unofficial couple” of the group and it became clear who wanted the relationship title. Despite not being his “official girlfriend,” Monica was still head over heels for Darius. On the other hand, Darius had feelings for Monica but still had flings with other girls. After being caught with another girl in broad daylight thanks to pictures via Jordan, Monica decided to take a stand and end things with Darius. However, she quickly fell back into his arms after he gave her his cell phones to go through in hopes that she’ll see how serious he is about her. For now, Monica believed she would soon be Darius’ official girlfriend.


On top of all the drama going on, Darius convinces Quincy & Jackson to meet with a therapist to discuss dating & relationships for a reality show and at the end of the sessions, each participant will get paid. Similar to Darius, Jordan convinces Monica & Alicia to participate in hopes that the extra money will keep both Alicia & Quincy in NYC. However, both the men & women don’t know that the others are participating. Throughout the sessions, Alicia reveals that Quincy was NOT her only sexual partner. After Quincy was unfaithful to her, Alicia had sex with a mutual acquaintance named Russell(Minkah Davidson).

At the end of the season, Monica is pushed to the edge when Darius slips up again and Jordan’s inability to give her heart to Keith makes him walk away. Jackson’s boss finds out about the affair his wife & him are having and fires him. In the final scene, Quincy, Jackson, and Darius are allowed to see footage of other participants and when he sees Alicia in the footage, he is completely shocked!

If you have not already, check out season one of Tough Love by clicking HERE and be on the lookout for season two! For now, check out episode one below.

Photo Credit: Tough Love


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