Websites about Web Series: Stareable

While web series are still on the rise, more websites, online publications, and festivals focusing on it are slowly rising and one of those include Stareable. According to their official website, Stareable is “a hub for free web series that’s searchable, shareable, and stareable.” The site “believes that in television and in life, popularity doesn’t equal quality.” Founded by Ajay Kishore, Stareable also believes “the beauty of the internet is that you or I can get some friends together, film something hilarious, emotional, and brilliant, host it on any number of platforms, and effectively create television” and they want to “even the playing field so those shows are considered on their merits, not their marketing budget.”

As a web series junkie, Stareable is a fantastic go-to website to watch and catch up on some amazing web series. As soon as their website appears on your browser, one of the first things seen is a web series chosen as the “Our Daily Pick.” If YOU scroll down, there are categories for web series that might be of some interest and sections of web series that’s currently trending, the highest rated, and part of some collections like the Brooklyn Web Fest Honors.

In my opinion, one of the best sections of Stareable is the blog because there are some great categories on there. One of the categories is “More to Watch,” which provides web series to watch for every occasion like “5 web series to watch after the debate.” My favorite category on the Stareable blog section is “The Weekly Binge” where each post provides three web series to watch for every week. If you subscribe to Stareable, “The Weekly Binge” will be emailed every Tuesday.

One of the web series chosen for this week’s “Weekly Binge” is a hilarious one titled Brooklynification. According to Stareable, “For fans of Portlandia, High Maintenance, and Broad City, the hilarious new comedy series Brooklynification takes on the best borough in the world through an unforgettable cast of characters dealing with everything from annoying neighbors to mommy and me yoga to friendship in the age of Instagram.” I could not stop laughing at the first episode and will be bingeing the rest of this amazing web series. Check out episode one of Brooklynification below and view more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Stareable Twitter


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