“She Gots Your Thirsty!”: Top Five Moments That Prove D.C. Yuppies Is A Web Series To Watch

One way to instantly attract viewers to your web series is to come up with an interesting title and D.C Yuppies’ title drew my attention. My exact words were, “What the hell is a yuppie? Am I a yuppie?” While the answer to that question is still unknown, I watched the first two episodes of D.C. Yuppies and became a fan right away. The show managed to seamlessly blend juicy drama with hilarious moments and I loved it! It has become one of my favorite web series of all time. For those who don’t know, D.C. Yuppies is a Brandon Hairston written & directed web series following “the lives of young urban professionals as they navigate their promising careers, relationships, and the exciting nightlife of the Washington, D.C. Metro area, affectionately known as DMV. But in an area this small, the drama runs high and the gossip spreads fast!”

Season one of D.C. Yuppies starred Princess Ezeofor, Vishani, Kelvin Terrell, Karen Elle, Toks Oriola, Antonio Harrison, Jr., Charles Lee, and Armand Thomas as Errin, Deanna, Jordan, LaNay, Kallandria, Maurice, Rob, and Kenny. For season two, Sudria Twyman joined the cast as Shawna with Ezeofor, Terrell, Elle, Oriola, Harrison, Jr., and Lee returning in their original roles. The second season finale premiered in March 2016 and there’s been no word yet on a third season. In hopes of Hairston renewing the show for a third season, I’ve come up with the shows top five moments that prove why D.C. Yuppies is a web series to watch!

5. “Your name is Tea and you want some tea?”(S2, E8)-Throughout D.C. Yuppies’ entire run, there have been numerous amounts of cameos featuring a woman, known as the Tea Sippa(Isatta Mansaray) sipping tea after a shady moment or at the end of a confrontation. For example, the Tea Sippa was shown sipping tea right after LaNay walked out of the restaurant after arguing with Errin over her close friendship with Jordan. In the season two finale, Kallandra’s friend Latrell, who is played by creator Brandon Hairston, comes to Errin’s Ugly Sweater Party with the Tea Sippa and she’s introduced as a girl named Tea who is sick so she cannot talk. Ironically, she requests some tea at Errin’s party and Kallandra’s exact words were “Your name is Tea and you want some tea?” CLASSIC!

4. “Looks like I got a lunch date. Girl, bye!”(S2, E6)-From the very first episode of season two, Kallandra brewing romance with Jermaine(Jordan Campbell) started off a bit rocky. The two consistently clash at one moment then somehow manage to flirt with each other the next. In this episode, Jermaine surprises Kallandra by kissing her in front of her co-worker Stephanie(Thembi Watson). After watching this, I immediately clapped my hands for Jermaine since he definitely showed Kallandra that he can be bold.

3. “LaNay…uh…”(S2, E2)-Season two of D.C. Yuppies started off with Errin & LaNay clashing over Jordan. As expected, Jordan was caught between a rock & a hard place because he wanted to stand by his girl LaNay but did not want to ruin his friendship with Errin. However, Jordan made the bold move of lying to LaNay about his whereabouts AFTER he has just woken up from taking a nap with Errin at her house. Right as Jordan opened the door to leave, LaNay was waiting for him at the door. DUN-DUN-DUN! While he was speechless, Kallandra is over there LOVING every minute of this moment and then LaNay just slaps the shit out of Jordan. WTF? Damn, Jordan! You should’ve just told the truth, man! Jeez!

2. “What if she was me?”(S1, E6)-After the crew experienced some drama at game night between Jordan & Kenny and Deanna & Kallandra, they came up with the idea to do a date night and everyone paired off. Maurice & Kenny went out on romantic dates with Deanna & Errin while Rob & Jordan went out on a “friend date” with Kallandra & LaNay. However, Jordan realized his friend date with LaNay was turning into a romantic date as soon as he saw her when he picked her up. To be honest, he looked like he had seen an angel at the door! Jordan was like “Wow!” While on their date, LaNay spilled the beans about her feelings for Jordan and he reciprocated by kissing her. As a fan of the show, I was NOT expecting this romance to happen AT ALL but I was glad it happened. Both Jordan & LaNay already know each other from being friends for a long time and their connection is REAL. While I was hoping for Errin to realize her feelings for Jordan, I was so happy he found a romance with an amazing woman who was right in front of his eyes this whole time.

1. “She Gots Your Thirsty!”(S1, E2)-In the second episode of the freshman season, the entire crew got together for happy hour at a lounge and the laughs & tension immediately followed. From Kallandra’s shade towards Deanna to Maurice flirting HARDCORE with Deanna, I knew something was going to happen by the end of the episode. Unfortunately, the “big bang” I was expecting happened when Errin noticed Kenny, who was supposed to be traveling out of Washington, D.C., with another woman. Errin confronts both of them and ends up being called “thirsty” by Kenny’s new girl. However, Deanna had too many drinks and decided to tell Kenny’s new girl off herself by saying “she gots your thirsty!” and throwing a drink at her! Uh oh! When the liquor is in her body, Deanna is definitely “FEARLESS D!”

BONUS: “Christmas won’t be the same this year!”(S2, E8)-The final moments of the season two finale were EVERYTHING that I, and other viewers, needed to be hooked back for another season! I sincerely hope that there is a third season because I would like to know what’s going to happen next. Did Kenny beat up Mecca(Sir Glenn Lamar) for being rough with Errin? Is Errin going to give Kenny another chance? What did Brooke(Ebony Richardson) tell Kallandra about Jermaine that got her so mad? What about his past relationship was Brooke going to reveal? Will LaNay ever get over how close Jordan & Errin are? Is Shawna going to believe Maurice that nothing happened in the bathroom between him & Stephanie? Is Rob ever going to come back?! I hope to find this out in season three of D.C. Yuppies IF there is one and I HOPE there is! For now, check out seasons one & two of D.C. Yuppies by clicking HERE.

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