#TBT Web Series of the Week: The Sideline

As a HUGE fan of web series, I’ve watched so many over the past few years that I stopped counting. As expected, many of the web series I’ve seen have stopped production after one season while others sadly ended production after only a few seasons. To coincide with throwback Thursday(#TBT), I’m going to showcase one “throwback” web series every two weeks and the first is The Sideline. Created by Maurice Harris, The Sideline is a Houston based web series that chronicles a love triangle among a group of friends that is soon to end horribly. The web series premiered in January 2014 and starred Bianca Tonsall, Tearrance Johnson, Kevin Archer, Brittany Sandoval, Qasim Barnes, Letosha Davis, Jules Palton, and Amber Fletcher.


When I first saw The Sideline, I was instantly HOOKED by the mystery aspect of it all. After watching the first episode, it becomes clear that Chanelle’s(Tonsall) husband, Dre(Johnson), is cheating on her. Over the course of the show, there are clues that easily point to two of the main characters. Some of the friendships between the characters are tested as accusations get thrown around by Chanelle as to who is sleeping with Dre.

On top of the drama with Chantelle & Dre, the other characters have their own situations to tend to. Good friends Kharissa(Sandoval) & Wesley(Archer) both have mystery men their dating and while Kharissa isn’t eager to reveal the identity of her beau, Wesley is patiently waiting to reveal his. Trent(Palton) has a new girlfriend, Farrah(Fletcher), that wants to finally be introduced to his friends but he constantly tells her to wait until the time is right. Last but not least, Monica(Davis) & Q(Barnes) are expecting a new baby but what they didn’t expect was the baby to be born on the day of Monica’s baby shower.


In the final two episodes, the “sideline” is finally revealed on the day of Dre & Chantelle’s wedding(since the couple couldn’t do a proper ceremony before) and things get very intense! If you haven’t had the chance to experience the craziness of The Sideline, check out the first episode(titled “Blindeside”) below and be sure to view more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: YouTube(SokBoxProductions)


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