#TBT Web Series of the Week: The Marriage Tour

When trying to pick another web series for the #TBT post, I instantly thought of one that focused on the ins and outs of marriages & even relationships. Created & executive produced by David Tinsley, The Marriage Tour deals with the highs and lows couples face before, during, and after marriage. Produced by Keir Thirus & directed by Beth Wallen, this award winning web series spawned three amazing seasons that first focused on Brian(Tinsley) & Denise(Chi’Von Golden), a couple that has been dating for over four years and currently live together. However, Denise wants to get married and Brian is uncomfortable about it. To help, she comes up with the idea for both of them to embark on a “marriage tour” where they visit other couples at different stages of their marriages, all of whom are Brian’s divorced single friend Eddie(Thirus), newlyweds Carmen(Jade Johnson) & Andre(Jerrel O’Neal), and Laura(Tiffany Diaz) and Kyle(Daren Dukes), a couple who’s been married for over seven years.

Throughout season one, Brian got advice on marriage from the guys & Denise got hers from the ladies, all of which only proved that marriage isn’t easy. It takes work from both parties involved otherwise the marriage can easily fall apart. While this proved to be eye opening for both Brian & Denise, the latter was in for a rude awakening at the end of the tour. In the season one finale, Denise confronts Brian after finding out about his ex-wife, whom he did not mention to her at all about. As a result of this, Denise breaks up with Brian.

Eddie pretty much spent the first season detailing his playboy lifestyle to Brian and discussing the cons of marriage that leads to divorce. For him, divorce was hell and this has influenced his views on marriage & relationships overall. Newlyweds Carmen & Andre spent the first season in a good place despite small issues in their marriage like Andre not refilling the roll of tissues in the bathroom. Despite having a seven year marriage and seeming as if their lives are close to perfect, Laura revealed that Kyle had a one night stand in their first year of marriage. While she initially forgave him, it became clear that she still had her concerns about whether or not he’s sleeping with other women like his secretary.

In season two of The Marriage Tour, Brian tried his best to get back with Denise but his ex-wife, Karen(Maria Katre), continues to cause more problems. Carmen & Andre’s newlywed bliss begins to deteriorate and real issues start to arise while Laura & Kyle’s marriage begin to crumble when she continues to question his whereabouts with other women. Eddie meets Laura’s co-worker & friend Jessica(Lauryn Whitney) and while their initial meeting wasn’t too good, the chemistry between them was evident. However, Eddie’s divorce made him unable to open his heart to Jessica. At the end of season two, Denise catches Karen in Brian’s apartment, Carmen & Andre seem to be okay, Kyle & Laura’s marriage is still on the rocks, and Eddie loses out on Jessica.

Season three followed Brian’s journey to get Denise back once again, as well as Eddie vying for Jessica’s heart. When Carmen’s father, played by Harry Lennox(The Five Heartbeats), decides to visit, it puts a strain on her marriage to Andre. Kyle & Laura’s marriage continues to crumble and her jealousy increases. Season three proved to be the toughest for all the characters and I found it to be my favorite out of the three. In the end, all of the couples seemed to be on good terms but their journey to happiness wasn’t an easy one.

Tinsley created a fantastic web series that I do hope returns for a fourth season in the near future because it is special. The Marriage Tour is a great example for anyone who is thinking about getting married because it can give insight as to what can happen. Check out the first episode of season one(titled “The Idea”) and check out all three seasons of The Marriage Tour, as well as TinBridge Productions’ new web series Hooked on Platonics(H.O.P.), by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Instagram(TinBridge Productions)


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