After blogging for DAP Media Group‘s Black Talent TV for 3+ years, I(Philip Hernandez) became a huge fan of web series. Originally, Black Talent TV was meant to be a platform for undiscovered & commercially unknown black artists to showcase their talent(which it still is) and I somehow infused web series into the equation. One day, I got an email from the talented Karlton T. Clay and he asked if I would consider writing a feature on his web series, The Lyons Den. I checked out the show and loved it. However, I decided to do more than a feature–I recapped the series episode by episode. After that, I found myself watching more web series and decided to email the web series featuring a predominately black cast or a strong black male and/or female lead to possibly be featured on Black Talent TV.

Over time, I began receiving multiple emails from directors, producers, and writers who wanted their web series on Black Talent TV. Recently, the site has stopped doing episode by episode posts on web series and while I’m excited for what’s to come next for Black Talent TV, I created PHIL TALKS WEB SERIES to further MY love for web series. I made this blog to write about some of my favorite web series through episode by episode recaps, features, interviews, and even maybe something in the form of a YouTube video or radio show. Who knows?!

All in all, PHIL TALKS WEB SERIES is an outlet to showcase my love for web series. There are some great shows on TV but there’s also amazing ones on the web. Welcome to PHIL TALKS WEB SERIES and I hope you enjoy your visit. 😉